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In recent years, we have seen an influx of newcomers from all over the worlds and this has added a
cosmopolitan flavor to the community. For further information on the Irish Jewish community, please

"Irish Heart - Jewish Soul - Favourite Irish and Jewish Songs"

"The Little Trees Are Weeping – Songs of the Holocaust and Resistance” is a collection of songs of the ghettos and Jewish partisan groups of Europe during the Holocaust.

How is it possible to sing about the Holocaust? Why did people compose such songs? Who sang? Who

Despite persecution and brutalization, two fundamental human qualities were never extinguished during the Holocaust: sentiment and hope. It is these qualities that have always given rise to great works of art, literature and music.

There is a long history of singing in the face of adversity. Wars, hard times, natural disasters, slavery, pogroms and discrimination have always inspired the victims or the witnesses to chronicle those events. The Holocaust pushed this need for love and hope (and witness) to a degree never before imagined or experienced. One of the most remarkable aspects of life in the ghetto was the determination of its inhabitants to permit nothing to interrupt their cultural activities.

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