© Carl Nelkin, 2008
It is difficult for us to understand how this could be - how lectures, concerts, symposiums, classes could be conducted under the constant shadow of death, how youth groups and children's clubs could be organized, though to everyone it was a forgone conclusion that none of their members would survive.

Survivors of Jewish partisan groups have written of the readings which took place, the poems that were recited and the songs that were sung as they lay hidden - in forests, in underground dug-outs and in sewers -waiting for the signal for action. Diaries were kept up to the zero hour and many a poet threw down his pen, short minutes before going out to battle.

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1. Close Your Little Eyes
2. Rivkele, The Sabbath Wife
3. Itzik Vitenberg
4. Drowsing Birds
5. Youth Hymn
6. Under Thy White Stars
7. Dance, Dance, Dance
8. A Jewish Child
9. The Jewish Partisans
10. Under the Little Green Polish Trees
11. Rochele
12. No More Raisins
13. Yesterday's Sky
14. Never Say This is the End