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Irish Heart - Jewish Soul - Favourite Irish and Jewish Songs

This album presents a selection of favourite Irish and Jewish songs featuring melodies from the Yiddish theatre. The themes - love, laments, celebrations and "craic" (Irish for good fun) - weave a thread of commonality between the Irish and the Jewish cultures. There are unique Irish interpretations of Jewish songs which employ traditional Irish musical instruments.

Most of the songs are very old and many are no longer heard in public. Commemorating the shared experiences of the two peoples over the centuries and the special cultural blend of Irish Jews. This theme is developed by the unique Irish interpretations of the Jewish songs which employ traditional Irish musical instruments to interpret the texts.

1. Der Rebbi Elimelech
2. Love Thee, Dearest
3. Vos Geven Iz Geven Un Nito
4. The Star Of The County Down
5. Dos Pintele Yid
6. The Short Cut To The Rosses
7. Mazl
8. Little Bridget Flynn
9. Moishele, Main Fraind
10. The Low-Backed Car
11. Bantry Bay
12. Eishes Chayil
13. Danny Boy
14. Yankele
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